“ZO” You Know: November 2014

“ZO” You Know: November 2014

Allegany Plastic Surgery carries a line of ZO products by Dr. Zein OBagi. These amazing skincare products can produce a younger, more radiant you!

“ZO” You Know

November Featured ZO Products:

  • Oclipse Sunscreen Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

Ultraviolet light (or UV) is a part of the light spectrum associated with damaging human tissue. UV rays penetrate your skin deeper than other light rays. This makes it possible to cause mutation of skin cells.

The sun is the single largest natural source of UV light. Even on cloudy days UV penetrates cloud cover and poses a threat. Another source can be fluorescent lights in our work place.

Using sunscreen daily is recommended. Some have a misconception that sunscreen is for the summer months, but, its use is just as important during the winter. Sunscreen is for every day of the varying weather, indoors or out.

Two Great Choices:

  • Oclipse Sunscreen Primer SPF 30

This unique formula uses natural melanin, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It also smooths and primes skin for a more even makeup application.

  • Oclipse-C Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

This innovative sunscreen formulation goes beyond conventional UVA and UVB protection. This product is great for both the face and body.

*Both choices can be used on all skin types for all seasons.*

Here at Allegany Plastic Surgery, we can accommodate all of your skin care needs. You can contact me at 301-724-5885 or 301-268-3065.

Kim Foster, Aesthetician, Allegany Plastic Surgery

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