BOTOX is currently one of the most popular and trusted cosmetic injectables in the world. Millions of people use it each year to diminish the appearance of dynamic, movement-related creases at the upper and lower face. BOTOX has also proven effective for alleviating migraines, treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), and minimizing spasms and twitches in overactive muscles. This injectable is a safe and purified form of the botulinum type A toxin. This is a fast-acting and incredibly potent neurotoxin that temporarily immobilizes targeted muscles. With procedures that last just 20 minutes on average, virtually no downtime, and the ability to achieve impressive results without incisions or tissue removal, the BOTOX brand has fast made itself a household name. Following is everything you need to know about BOTOX.

Why BOTOX is So Effective for Treating Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are movement-related creases that typically develop in a person’s mid to late thirties or early forties. They often manifest as crow’s feet, frown lines, or noticeable creases that travel horizontally across the brow. When muscles in these areas are moved to create facial expressions, they produce tension and stress in the smooth collagen layer that both defines and supports the skin. Over time, this tension causes the smooth collagen to develop cracks. Once these cracks exist, they’ll appear at the surface layer of the skin every time the related facial muscles are engaged. Unlike static wrinkles which are deeper and more pronounced, dynamic wrinkles are only visible when the expressive facial muscles are used. For instance, if you have crow’s feet, these lines will only be visible when you’re laughing, smiling, or squinting your eyes.

BOTOX injections release the muscles that cause these dynamic wrinkles. Best of all, given that BOTOX is strategically injected into only very select facial muscles, people who’ve been treated with this solution retain the ability to make a diverse range of natural-looking expressions.

Top Reasons to Include BOTOX in Your Anti-Aging Plan

BOTOX treatments are easy. In fact, they’re so easy that many people have them performed on their lunch breaks or immediately after work. Apart from mild swelling and redness, there aren’t many after-effects to contend with. For most people, BOTOX results begin manifesting right away. In most instances, gradual improvements will appear over the course of the first three to 10 days that follow treatment. As targeted muscles are immobilized, dynamic facial wrinkles are released, and the visage takes on an increasingly youthful appearance. Given that this procedure is so quick, and because there’s virtually no downtime, BOTOX can be the perfect way to refresh your looks ahead of your wedding, your next big vacation, your high school reunion, or even an important job interview.

One of the greatest attributes of the BOTOX cosmetic is the fact that its results are only short-term. The average BOTOX treatment lasts approximately three to four months. This means that if you don’t absolutely love your post-treatments look, you can simply wait for this neurotoxin to wear off. Within just a short period of time, the targeted area will gradually regain its pre-treatment appearance. Moreover, if you like how BOTOX makes you look and want to retain your increased confidence, your BOTOX injections can be safely repeated several times a year. BOTOX can even be safely paired with a number of popular dermal fillers.

Areas that BOTOX Can Be Used to Treat

BOTOX is often used to treat crow’s feet or lines that radiate outwards from the corners of the eyes, horizontal lines traveling across the brow, and “11-shaped” frown lines that form directly between the brows. It is also effective for treating smoker’s lines or perioral wrinkles that radiate outwards from the lips. This injectable solution is effective in nearly all facial areas in which ongoing movements have caused cracks or other blemishes in the skin’s supporting collagen layer. There are even people who’ve used BOTOX to streamline and refine the jaw by temporarily immobilizing the masseter muscle to promote volume loss.

What to Expect After a BOTOX Treatment

At Allegany Plastic Surgery, our cosmetic BOTOX procedures are performed in a short series of targeted injections across the visage. These injections are made with a very small and fine-tipped needle and thus, discomfort is always minimal. As soon as our treatments are complete, our patients can walk out of our doors, and can immediately resume their normal activities. We offer a dynamic range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

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