If you are considering elective cosmetic surgery, then you are most likely interested in the cost. At Allegany Plastic Surgery, we believe open, transparent communication is best for our patients. Many patients have misconceptions about the cost of cosmetic surgery, either that it’s so expensive only “Hollywood stars” can afford it, or that it’s now done for minimal cost during your lunch break, with no downtime. The truth is somewhere in between. Although the results of surgical procedures beat non-invasive procedures hands down, they are typically associated with higher cost and some recovery time. Often, however, surgery is still by far the best value for patients who want to make a real change (often a dramatic change) with the least number of treatments or procedures.

We find it helpful if patients have an idea of the costs of procedures before they come for their consultation, so we have put together this pricing page to help make finding the price of your procedure of interest as easy as possible. It should be noted however, that not every patient is a candidate for every procedure. For instance, a patient may research the cost of liposuction, when what they really need is an abdominoplasty. This results in a different cost than the patient may expect. Dr. Carpenter will help you decide on the best procedure to help you achieve the look that you want, and we will provide you with a clear explanation of all of the costs associated with your procedure at your consultation.

What is Included in Plastic Surgery Pricing?

We believe that it is important for our patients to know what is included in the costs that are listed. When you are viewing our procedure pricing, here is what is included:

  • All office visits
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Implants  (if being used)
  • Operating room costs
  • Anesthesia
  • Post-operative garments

The only things that are not covered by your surgical fee are the cost of prescriptions, vitamins, and any necessary lab work.

Financing Through CareCredit

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health and wellness needs. It is a convenient way to help you pay the costs of many treatments and procedures, and allows you to make monthly payments. The prices on this page can help you to get a better idea of the amount you would like to finance.

Breast Augmentation Pricing

Procedure Cost
Bilateral Breast Augmentation Local Anesthesia $6,664.50
Bilateral Breast Augmentation General Anesthesia $6,664.50
Breast Augmentation with Donut Lift $8,419.50
Breast Augmentation with Full Lift $10,278.00
Full Breast Lift $5,907.50
Gynecomastia Treatment Local Anesthesia $5,761.50
Gynocomastia with Lift General Anesthesia $8,364.00
Cosmetic Breast Reduction $6,085.50

Face, Neck and Eyes

Procedure Cost
Upper Blepharoplasty $2,330.00
Lower Blepharoplasty $3,072.50
Safe Necklift Local Anesthesia $4,183.50
Safe Facelift $7,540.00
Comprehensive Facelift $9,383.00
Facelift with Chin Implant $11,699.00


Procedure Cost
Rhinoplasty-Tip Only $4,572.00
Rhinoplasty $6,308.50
Septo Rhinoplasty $7,406.00
Bilateral Otoplasty $4,422.50


Procedure Cost
Mini Abdominoplasty $5,107.00
Abdominoplasty $7,420.50
Abdominoplasty with Flank Liposuction $9,039.00
Extended Abdominoplasty $9,989.50
Belt Lipectomy $12,150.00

Arms and Legs

Procedure Cost
Bilateral Brachioplasty/Arms $7,015.50
Bilateral Thighplasty $8,703.50


Procedure Cost
Cellulaze-Hyperhidrosis $2,118.00
Cellulaze 1 Area $3,618.00
Cellulaze 2 Areas $5,631.00
Cellulaze 3 Areas $7,115.00

Fat Injection

Procedure Cost
Fat Injection-Lips $2,588.00
Fat Injection-Small Volume(Face/Hands) $3,872.00
Fat Injection-Moderate Volume (Breast) $5,158.50

Liposuction – Traditional

Procedure Cost
Liposuction-Small Volume $2,628.00
Liposuction-Moderate Volume $3,603.00
Liposuction-Large Volume $6,714.50

Smart Liposuction – Laser

Procedure Cost
Smart Liposuction-Chin/Neck $2,628.00
Smart Liposuction-Small Volume $3,618.00
Smart Liposuction-Moderate Volume $5,431.00
Smart Liposuction-Large Volume $8,690.00