Plastic Surgery in Morgantown, MD

Plastic Surgery in Morgantown, MD

The Allegany Plastic Surgery center offers help in all aspects of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Dr. Robert J Carpenter has been practicing since 1995 and brings his immense experience and passion to help his patients in Morgantown. Every procedure at the center is personalized to suit your needs after a thorough consultation where Dr. Carpenter and his team attentively listen to your problems and understand your goals.

Dr. Carpenter believes in treating each of his patients with the same level of exceptional medical care and brings his artistic skills and surgical precision to every procedure. He is also the Medical Director of the Cumberland Cleft clinic that helps children with cleft lip and palate deformities, regardless whether they can pay for it or not. He is also part of the annual missions to the Philippines to help underprivileged children and residents. His love and compassion for his patients shows in every procedure he performs.

Breast procedures

Cosmetic surgery on the breasts not only enhances their size, but also restores their youthful position (breast lift) and alleviates any discomfort due to large breasts (reduction). Dr. Carpenter strives to understand the goals you have for your new breasts and recommends the best procedure or combination of procedures to help you realize those. Men and women in Morgantown can choose from these breast procedures:

Body procedures

Along with genetics, changes in body weight can also lead to you being unhappy with how certain body parts appear. Pregnancy and aging added to weight fluctuations can leave fat deposits in body areas which become too difficult to remove simply with diet and exercise. There are many body contouring procedures offered at Allegany Plastic Surgery that can help you with achieving the goals you desire. Patients in Morgantown can choose from the following:

Facial procedures

Cosmetic surgery can address imperfections on any part of the body including the face. You can seek a treatment to alter the appearance of your eyelids, cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, neck, or the lower part of the face. There are many treatments that can help reduce the signs of aging. Dr. Carpenter also offers services to repair cleft lift and palate. If you are in Morgantown, you can opt for these procedures:

Non-surgical procedures

In addition to the many surgical procedures you can choose from, the Allegany Plastic Surgery center also provides several non-surgical procedures for those who do not wish to undergo a surgery or who do not qualify for it. Non-surgical options also help you maintain the results you get from a surgery for a longer time. These often result in lesser downtime and recovery period and less discomfort. The treatments can help with facial rejuvenation, prominent veins, cellulite issues and body contouring. The non-surgical procedures available in Morgantown include:


About Morgantown, MD

Morgantown is an incorporated community that is located in Charles County in Maryland. It is known for the Mirant Morgantown Generating Station smokestacks. Before the present bridge opened in the year 1940, the community had ferryboat service to Potomac Beach in Virginia. The National Register of Historic Places listed Waverly in 1975.

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