Liposuction Gallery

Patient 1

44-Year-Old Woman

This 44-year-old woman reported that she’d thought about liposuction for a long time, but had never gone through with it. After large volume VASER liposuction around her trunk and flanks, however, she reported that she was very pleased with her results.
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Patient 3

32-Year-Old Mother

This 32-year-old mother requested body contour intervention for post-pregnancy contour changes. In addition to adding “a little volume” to her breasts, whe wondered what could be done about her abdomen, which, she said, she ‘just [couldn’t] get flat, even with diet and exercise.’ Circumferential trunk liposuction, an immediate abdominoplasty, and a mastopexy were performed to rectify her post-pregnancy body changes.
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Patient 4

59-Year-Old Female

This 59-year-old female requested consideration for removal of her “shelf” in the lower abdomen. After a procedure including bilateral flank liposuction and an abdominoplasty, she reported happily that she was able to return to her hula-hoop classes.
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Patient 5

38-Year-Old Woman

This 38-year-old woman reported that she’d always been pear-shaped, but felt that her lower body was “just too big” since she’d had children. After large-volume liposuction around the flank and love handle regions, lateral trochanteric regions, and circumferentially around the thigh, she reported that she was ‘thrilled’ with her results and couldn’t stop admiring them.
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