Children are a true blessing, and we love kids at Allegany Plastic Surgery! The changes that result from childbearing, however, are not always such a blessing. Pregnancy and the hormone changes that accompany it often produce predictable and often unwanted changes to a woman’s figure.  These include:

  1. Stretch marks of the skin of the breasts or the trunk.
  2. Loss of volume and/or sagging of the breasts.
  3. Stretched out or sagging skin of the stomach.
  4. Loss of muscle tone of the abdomen and looseness of the abdominal muscles.
  5. Unwanted fat collections in the belly, flanks, and hips.
  6. Unsightly C-section scars.

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Correcting Pregnancy Changes with a Mommy Makeover

After childbearing many women want to correct these changes to their bodies and return to how they used to look. Common techniques to correct these changes typical of pregnancy include:

  1. Breast augmentation, which corrects the loss of the breast tissue that follows breastfeeding.
  2. Breastlift, which corrects sagging of the breasts and can lessen the appearance of stretch marks of the breast skin.
  3. Liposuction to remove unwanted fat collections in the abdomen, flanks, or hips.
  4. Tummy tuck, which removes stretch marks, tightens abdominal muscles, tightens the abdominal skin, and can rearrange unsightly C-section scars.
  5. Often a combination of these procedures is used to achieve the best outcome.

Most patients undergo a combination of these procedures to address their unique concerns. Dr. Carpenter can also recommend non-surgical options for further rejuvenation.

Other Options for Your Mommy Makeover

Even though the changes during pregnancy are mostly apparent on the arms, midsection, thighs and buttocks, some women experience changes to their facial structure as well. You might notice increased fatty tissue on the neck and face, in addition to stretching and sagging of your skin. A facial rejuvenation treatment with a face lift may remove the excessive skin while toning, tightening, and sculpting the face. We also offer a wide selection of non-surgical skin treatments and injectables to reduce signs of stress and refresh your look.

Despite regular exercise and dieting, it’s difficult to lose stubborn fatty deposits that can manifest in different areas of the body during pregnancy. Even as you lose weight with your regimen, it can leave behind unsightly, sagging skin that will not disappear on its own. Dr. Carpenter can perform a body lift that removes fatty deposits and restructures the underlying connective tissues, giving you a slimmer and toned appearance. For cellulite concerns, we can recommend non-surgical treatments like Cellulaze..


Recovery from a Mommy Makeover can depend on which procedures you opt for and how extensive they are. Full recovery can be expected between four and six weeks, and you should avoid heavy activity or lifting during this time. Dr. Carpenter will provide you with a list of post-op instructions for a smooth and successful recovery. Discomfort and bruising may occur, but these are temporary and will reside within a week.

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Mothers can achieve their body goals with a mommy makeover procedure. Dr. Carpenter offers this effective option to women in the Cumberland, Hagerstown, and Morgantown areas. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact our office in Cumberland, Maryland by calling or filling out our online form.