Mommy Makeover Patient 6

This 36-year-old mother of two requested an abdominoplasty and a bilateral mastopexy to rectify her post-childbearing body changes. Unfortunately, her skin had a slight reaction to the antibiotic ointment, which is evident in her post-operative photos; after she discontinued using it, however, her skin healed normally.

Mommy Makeover Patient 5

This 53 year old female requested consideration for a Mommy Makeover. She was unhappy with her “protruding” abdomen and “deflated” breasts after breast feeding. She underwent abdominoplasty with bilateral flank liposuction to improve her abdominal contour to restore her original figure. She also underwent bilateral breast augmentation with silicone implants.

Mommy Makeover Patient 4

This 40 year old female requested consideration for breast reduction and abdominoplasty. She reported chronic upper and lower back pain as a result of her overly large breasts and met her insurance criteria for breast reduction. After several pregnancies, she was also unhappy with the laxity of her abdominal wall and the appearance of her abdominal scar following her c-section. She underwent breast reduction and cosmetic abdominoplasty in one operation. She was very happy with her new breast size and improved position of the nipples as well as her new tighter abdomen. She felt that she was back to her “pre-pregnancy figure”.

Mommy Makeover Patient 3

This 33-year-old was frustrated that her skin just wouldn’t tighten up like she’d thought it would. She also reported that she was a 32-DD bra size and didn’t want to change her size, but wanted implants to correct the sagging of her breasts and give them a more rounded shape. An abdominoplasty and a bilateral augmentation mammoplasty using 359-cc silicone implants were performed.

Mommy Makeover Patient 2

This 32-year-old mother requested body contour intervention for post-pregnancy contour changes. In addition to adding “a little volume” to her breasts, whe wondered what could be done about her abdomen, which, she said, she ‘just [couldn’t] get flat, even with diet and exercise.’ Circumferential trunk liposuction, an immediate abdominoplasty, and a mastopexy were performed to rectify her post-pregnancy body changes.

Mommy Makeover Patient 1

This 24-year-old mother had had three C-sections. Her bra size had been a DD previously, but had shrunk to a 36-B cup size. A breast augmentation using 500-cc silicone implants and an abdominoplasty were performed to rectify her post-childbearing body changes.