Mommy Makeover: A New Baby and A New You

Mommy Makeover: A New Baby and A New You

When you become a mother, it can be one of the greatest moments of many women’s lives. Creating a life and bringing it into the world is a celebratory event that can’t be explained. However, after you have had your kids, you might want to do something for yourself. A mommy makeover procedure serves to address all of the physical appearance issues that are present as a result of carrying and delivery the joy of your life.

Post Baby Body

The changes that our wonderful babies wrought in our bodies due to pregnancy weight gain, birthing, and breastfeeding is challenging. These changes can include:

  • laxity or sagging breasts
  • loss of muscle tone, especially in the abdominal muscles
  • stretch marks
  • stretchy or sagging abdomen skin
  • unwanted C-section scars
  • unwanted fat collections in the belly, flanks, and hips.

If a diet and regular exercise were all it took to get a woman’s body back in shape, that would be great. However, mommies sometimes need a little more help, like a customized procedure to look and feel good again. It is understood that women are not pleased with their appearance following childbirth. They can lose their confidence.

Customizing your procedure

During your consultation with Dr. Robert J. Carpenter at the Allegany Plastic Surgery Center can help you choose the right combination of treatments. He will evaluate your medical history, discuss your goals and customize the right treatment for you. Dr. Carpenter will thoroughly go through each procedure so that you know what to expect, he will also discuss costs, as well as preoperative and postoperative instructions.

You and Dr. Carpenter will work together to make sure that you are safe and healthy enough to undergo a mommy makeover. You will be introduced to surgical and non-surgical procedures that will give you the best outcome. For example, the following rejuvenation procedures are his specialty:

  • breast augmentation
  • breast lift
  • liposuction
  • tummy tuck
  • or a combination thereof

Listen To The Doctor’s Instructions

The questions that the professional staff of Allegany Plastic Surgery will require to see if your body is ready for a makeover consists of whether you plan on having more children, are you still breastfeeding, has your weight leveled out, and during your recovery, will you have help?

If you are still breastfeeding you should not consider any type of body augmentation until 3 months after you have completed breastfeeding. In weight gain, if you choose liposuction or tummy tuck it is not a panacea for weight loss. But as mommy makeover procedures they do enhance your body’s silhouette especially if you are at a specific weight goal.

Also, it is important during your recovery that you have help with the newborn and any other children you have. Why – because heavy lifting and strenuous activity is your enemy when you come home from the doctor. Dr. Carpenter gives his patients a post-op list of dos and don’ts to keep you healthy during your recovery and to enjoy an optimal outcome.

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