At Allegany Plastic Surgery we have had the distinct pleasure of working with patients who have transformed their lives through massive weight loss, often losing over 100 pounds of body weight. In spite of feelings of increased energy, confidence, and an improved self-image, many patients still suffer from dissatisfaction with their appearance due to the presence of stretched, deflated skin and stubborn pockets of remaining fat. Post-bariatric body recontouring can help to restore a normal figure in patients who have had dramatic amounts of weight loss. In the Cumberland, Hagerstown areas, common weight loss procedures include:

  1. Panniculectomy – panniculectomy removes the excess hanging lower abdominal skin. If the hanging skin creates a deep skin fold underneath the abdomen, patients are often bothered by recurrent infections, rashes, or breakdown and ulceration of the skin. A panniculectomy removes the hanging fold of skin. As this can be considered as a primarily medical condition it may be covered by insurance.
  2. Abdominoplasty – abdominoplasty recontours the abdomen for the best cosmetic result. It involves removal of the excess stretched skin, removal of continued fat deposits, and tightening of the abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is distinct from panniculectomy.
  3. Belt lipectomy – this is the removal of excess and sagging skin and tissue 360 degrees around the circumference of the lower body. This improves the appearance of the buttocks, the upper lateral thighs, and the abdomen.
  4. Brachioplasty – this tightens the skin of the upper arms and removes “batwings.”
  5. Thighplasty – tightens the skin of the upper thighs and decreases the appearance of cellulite, particularly in the anterior and medial thigh.
  6. Breast lift – patients with massive weight loss often have sagging of the breast tissue or loss of breast volume. Lifting and tightening of the breast tissue with the possible use of an implant to augment the breast and restore breast volume is a common procedure after massive weight loss.
  7. Upper body lift – this removes rolls of skin and fat under the armpits and in the upper back. The incision is often placed in the bra strap line so that it is hidden by clothing in women.
  8. Buttock lift – reshapes and lifts the buttock to correct sagging and restore volume.
  9. Liposuction – can be used to remove stubborn pockets of fat deposits that haven’t resolved even after dramatic weight loss.

Some procedures may require an overnight hospital stay, depending on the patient’s medical condition. Other procedures can be done on an outpatient ambulatory basis, as staged procedures, in our fully accredited surgical center. For examples of the above procedures follow the link to our photo gallery of Massive Weight Loss Patients below. We have served many patients in the Cumberland, Hagerstown, and Morgantown, WV areas.

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