Liposuction Patient 20

This athletic gentleman worked out frequently but could not get rid of his “love handles”. He said that no matter how much he worked out he could not get rid of the fat. He underwent bilateral flank liposuction and had a great result.

Liposuction Patient 19

This 24 year old male Army service man needed help passing his “taping test” while on active duty in the Army. He underwent bilateral flank liposuction, reshaping his physique, and was able to cease 06:00am mandatory P.T. before reporting to his duty station.

Liposuction Patient 18

This 48 year old male requested consideration for abdominoplasty after losing over 100 lbs. He underwent abdominoplasty, upper inner thighplasty and liposuction of his flanks and thighs. He really transformed his body!

Liposuction Patient 17

This is an otherwise healthy 39-year-old female who complained of unacceptable fatty collections underneath the chin and the neck area. After submental liposuction, she reported that she had no bruising.

Liposuction Patient 16

This 64-year-old woman had experienced weight gain that had left with a very full neck and shoulders, with which she was very unhappy. Liposuction in her face, jowls, neck, and supraclavicular area was followed by a cervicoplasty to tighten the excess skin.

Liposuction Patient 15

This 34-year-old woman had lost significant weight, shrinking from a size 24 to a size 14. Although she was happy with her weight loss, she was unhappy with the appearance of her neck, which hadn’t changed. After liposuction in her submental and lateral neck areas, she reported that her skin was very soft and natural-feeling.

Liposuction Patient 14

This 30 year old female felt self-conscious about her abdominal contour. She also experienced a lot of lower back pain from the weight of the hanging skin from her abdomen. In addition to her abdominoplasty, over a quart of fat was suctioned from her flank area to give her a more “hour glass” waist.

Liposuction Patient 13

This 37 year old female requested help with her abdominal contour. She had several pregnancies and multiple complications with her last pregnancy as well as residual weight gain. She underwent abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks to decrease the overall fullness in the waist area. She had a great result.

Liposuction Patient 12

This 59 year old female requested consideration for abdominoplasty and upper inner thighplasty. She underwent a staged approach starting with abdominoplasty and upper inner thighplasty, followed by a session of liposuction. She underwent liposuction of the love handles, flanks and mons area. She had a dramatic change!

Liposuction Patient 11

This woman wanted to pursue liposuction around her bra strap line and lower body, concentrating on her thighs (both inner and outer, down to the knee) and love handles. After the procedure, she reported that she was very satisfied with her results.

Liposuction Patient 10

This is a 37-year-old female who requested body contour intervention and complained of a ‘flat’ buttock. VASER liposuction in the upper and lower buttock areas was followed by a structural fat grafting technique to round the area out. VASER liposuction was also performed to narrow the waist in her lower back. She postoperatively reported that she feels that her proportions are much improved.

Liposuction Patient 9

This 48 year old female with narrow shoulders and wide hips felt that her lower body was disproportionately larger that her upper body. She underwent two sessions of large volume liposuction of the hips, thighs, buttocks, legs, and the ankles under general anesthesia. After her procedure she reported a 6 inch decrease in her hip measurements and told us she was thrilled!

Liposuction Patient 8

This 39-year-old woman had long considered liposuction on her thighs, but only followed through with it when she was considering an abdominoplasty as well. A two-step process was formulated, involving large-volume liposuction of the thighs, buttocks, and love handle areas, followed by an eventual abdominoplasty, if she chose to proceed. After her liposuction procedure, however, she was pleased with her results and still continuing to lost weight, so she postponed the abdominoplasty indefinitely. Several months after her procedure, she reported that she had lost an overall total of two pant sizes and was still losing.

Liposuction Patient 7

This 23-year-old woman reported that she had always had a flat belly and had gained weight while in college, but had since controlled her diet and was ready for a permanent solution. Only one week after large volume VASER liposuction around her trunk, belly, lower back, and love handle areas, she reported that she was “feeling great” and had no pain.

Liposuction Patient 6

This 45-year-old mother wanted to eliminate some stubborn fat collections that she had been unable to eliminate through her own diet and exercise. After large volume VASER liposuction in her posterior arms, upper back (above and below the bra strap line), love handles, and thighs (all areas), she reported that her clothes fit much better.

Liposuction Patient 5

This 38-year-old woman reported that she’d always been pear-shaped, but felt that her lower body was “just too big” since she’d had children. After large-volume liposuction around the flank and love handle regions, lateral trochanteric regions, and circumferentially around the thigh, she reported that she was ‘thrilled’ with her results and couldn’t stop admiring them.

Liposuction Patient 4

This 59-year-old female requested consideration for removal of her “shelf” in the lower abdomen. After a procedure including bilateral flank liposuction and an abdominoplasty, she reported happily that she was able to return to her hula-hoop classes.

Liposuction Patient 3

This 32-year-old mother requested body contour intervention for post-pregnancy contour changes. In addition to adding “a little volume” to her breasts, we wondered what could be done about her abdomen, which, she said, she ‘just [couldn’t] get flat, even with diet and exercise.’ Circumferential trunk liposuction, an immediate abdominoplasty, and a mastopexy were performed to rectify her post-pregnancy body changes.

Liposuction Patient 2

35-Year-Old Female

Liposuction Patient 1

This 44-year-old woman reported that she’d thought about liposuction for a long time, but had never gone through with it. After large volume VASER liposuction around her trunk and flanks, however, she reported that she was very pleased with her results.