Laser Vein Treatment

in Cumberland, Hagerstown, Morgantown

Laser Vein Treatment at Allegany Vein Clinic

Treatment for painful or embarrassing spider veins and varicose veins is now available without the need for invasive vein surgery. The Allegany Vein Clinic offers a range of minimally invasive, state-of-the-art alternatives to vein surgery, including Transdermal Laser Treatment and sclerotherapy, in the convenience of our office.

What is Laser Vein Treatment?

Laser vein treatment uses a focused beam of light to heat and cause controlled damage to visible veins. Laser treatment can be used to effectively improve spider veins (those with a blue web-like appearance) and varicose veins (visible bulging veins) just below the surface of the skin. Once these veins are damaged, they stop receiving a blood supply, causing them to disappear.

What to Expect During Laser Vein Treatment

At the Allegany Vein Clinic, we offer several different services and treatment options to give you the best results for your unique concerns. Some of the services we offer include:
  • Duplex Ultrasound – to evaluate blood flow
  • Transdermal Laser Treatment – to treat spider veins
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy – the removal of superficial veins through incisions
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) – technique used to treat varicose veins
  • Sclerotherapy – can treat both spider veins and varicose veins
  • Combination Laser & Sclerotherapy – for those with several different vein issues
  • Hand Vein Treatment
  • Ligation & Stripping – a minor surgery to remove a damaged vein
  • Full spectrum of options for venous leg ulcers including surgical and nonsurgical treatment
Your treatment plan will be decided based on the type of veins you experience and their severity. After treatment, recovery is usually very short. You might be required to wear compression stockings for about a week and attend a follow up appointment to check your treatment progress.