Finally, The One-Time Procedure for Your Sweat Glands PrecisionTx Underarm Sweat Treatment dives underneath the skin to safely ablate underarm sweat glands.

Everybody sweats. And everybody knows that everybody sweats. But excessive sweating is still embarrassing—and highly uncomfortable. From physical discomfort to painful self-consciousness, the stress of constantly hiding your sweat from others is agonizingly troublesome. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from excessive sweating are too embarrassed to treat it, or simply don’t know that they can. According to a recent survey, however, over 2.8% of the world’s population is affected by severe excessive sweating—that’s over four million people in the United States alone—but, thankfully, they’re in luck. Dr. Carpenter has added PrecisionTx laser treatment to his practice! He now provides those in the Cumberland, MD area with sweat relief!

PrecisionTx is a minimally-invasive, one-hour procedure that permanently addresses underarm sweating by targeting the source directly. Given that sweat glands are located beneath the skin, it’s no wonder that topical treatments such as deodorants and antiperspirants are sometimes entirely ineffective. The PrecisionTx laser treatment actually goes underneath the skin, delivering thermally-secure laser energy directly to the sweat glands themselves and thereby ablating them. The procedure takes only an hour and requires very little recovery time, so most patients can return to normal activities in just a few days.

“It has been a year since I had the procedure done,” one anonymous patient said, “and the results have been long-lasting. It was a very simple procedure, and it has been life-changing.”

It’s time to stop spending too much money on deodorant. It’s time to stop ruining your shirts and worrying about late-night dates. It’s time to stop discreetly checking your underarms in public, praying that nobody sees you. You can finally say goodbye to pit stains and embarrassing underarm odor—all in just one hour. If you live in the Cumberland, Hagerstown, or Morgantown areas, you may experience PrecisionTx.