How Long is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

How Long is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

If you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s common to feel a little overwhelmed at the process. In order to have a successful procedure, it’s important to make sure you take the right steps at every stage with the help of your board certified plastic surgeon. As you begin planning your consultation with Dr. Carpenter, here’s what you can expect from your breast augmentation recovery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Because each woman is different, your recovery period will vary based on your unique surgical plan. A variety of factors can affect recovery time for breast augmentation, including the size and type of the implants used as well as their placement. In general, the average recovery period for breast augmentation is between four and six weeks. During this time, you’ll need to rest and recover, including avoiding strenuous activities and exercise.

What to Expect After Breast Augmentation

For the first 24 hours after your procedure, you’ll likely experience tightness, soreness, nausea, and fatigue. Some patients also notice a loss of breast sensitivity. Bruising and swelling are common but will begin to fade with time. After your procedure, you’ll be advised to rest for at least a couple of hours to allow the anesthesia to wear off fully. You’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home. Ideally, it’s best to have someone available to assist with your care at home for a few days.

It’s common to experience discomfort and pain during the first 24 hours after your procedure. Dr. Carpenter will prescribe pain medications to help you get your rest, so take these according to directions. This might also include anti-inflammatory medications to help with swelling. Most pain and discomfort subsides within a few days, and you may feel comfortable returning to light activities around the house. Based on the nature of your job, you might be able to return to work within a week or two. during this time, you should still avoid heavy lifting or raising your arms over your head, since this can irritate your incisions and bother the implants. It can be helpful to massage your implants to relieve muscle tension and ensure they don’t develop too much scar tissue.

During the first month after your breast augmentation, most discomfort will have subsided. Any bruising and swelling should be mostly gone. At this point, Dr. Carpenter might clear you to begin returning to light exercise. You should still avoid any strenuous activity. Additionally, you will need to continue wearing a front closure bra or a post-surgical bra to promote healing and support your implants.

Most patients who undergo breast augmentation will have recovered fully within four to six weeks after their procedure. However, your final results can continue to settle in as your implants adjust to their natural position for around one year.

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