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Skin care consultation with skin analysis

You can schedule a skincare consultation with our Aesthetician Tori to discuss your concerns, current skincare routine, and cosmetic goals. With Tori, you will create a customized treatment plan that combines an at-home routine along with in-office treatments to effectively meet your needs.

Skincare Products

We are dedicated to helping each patient feel comfortable in their skin and finding the right skincare products is not always easy. As a ZO Skin Health Expert, Tori recommends ZO products and uses these in many of our facials and in-office treatments. ZO offers a wide range of cleansers, tone, exfoliators, and more. Each is designed to target specific skin conditions and Tori will help you find the perfect products developed into a skincare routine that fits your lifestyle.

In-Office Procedures

Allegany Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and cosmetic treatments. Some of these include facials, laser treatment, and microneedling. These are some of the skin concerns we can treat with in-office procedures and in combination with your at-home skincare routine:

  • Rough or dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea and redness
  • Sensitive skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Acne and acne scars

To learn more about the benefits, we invite you to meet with our skincare team. Contact Allegany Plastic Surgery by calling or filling out our online form.


It’s Okay To Be “Extra” $120.00

This is a customized facial just for your skin care needs and goals! All facial services are used with Zo Skin Health products, which is a medical grade skin care. Come in for a relaxing skin changing experience.

Dermaplane Facial $75

Dermaplaning can be an excellent accompaniment to your regular skincare regimen or an easy way to achieve bright, glowing skin if you’re not a good candidate for harsher skincare treatments. At Allegany Plastic Surgery, our team can create a customized package of treatments that suit your cosmetic goals.

What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is a specialized skincare procedure where a surgical scalpel is used to “shave” the top layers of the skin. Using manual exfoliation rather than chemical, it can be a gentler way to achieve smooth skin and reduce many different skin issues. It can even be used along with other skincare treatments like chemical peels, microneedling, or facials to improve product absorption.

What Can Dermaplaning Treat?

Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment option for the following concerns:

  • Dryness
  • Texture
  • Dullness
  • Fine hairs

With regular treatments, dermaplaning can help boost collagen and improve the look and feel of the skin. Our non-surgical team can help you determine your best options for dermaplaning and how you can benefit.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a valuable option for patients who aren’t good candidates for other skincare treatments because it uses no harsh chemicals or laser technologies. This means pregnant women especially can benefit from dermaplaning treatments. Patients who have concerns about rough texture, dryness, flakiness, and overall dull tone can find great results with dermaplaning. Patients with concerns like rosacea, active acne, or a tendency toward scarring may not be good candidates for this option.

What Happens During Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning can be performed right in our state-of-the-art office. It requires no anesthetic, and you can relax during treatment in our comfortable suite. To begin, your skin is cleansed and prepared. Then, a surgical scalpel is held at a precise angle and gently scraped against the skin to remove dead cells, debris, and fine hairs. This is performed all over the face. Once complete, your skincare specialist soothes your skin and prepares it for the rest of your day.

Dermaplaning Results and Recovery

You’ll see instant results with dermaplaning. You’ll see a noticeable glow and a reduction in visible flakiness and dryness that can last for weeks after your session. It’s important to wear sun protection daily after your session since your skin can be especially susceptible to sun damage. You’ll be given specific instructions to follow on which skincare products to use and avoid. In general, you should stick to gentle, unscented moisturizers for the few days after your session and avoid active ingredients during this time. Your skincare specialist will also create a customized treatment package, so you understand when to return for your next session. Most patients benefit from monthly treatments, but this may be more or less frequent depending on your skincare goals.

ZO Stimulator Peel $95

The ZO Stimulator Peel is sometimes called a “lunchtime peel” because it can be completed in about 30 minutes and requires no downtime. This mild chemical peel contains a combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and citric acid that exfoliates the skin and promotes cell turnover while dissolving dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. As dead skin is stripped away, bright healthy skin will be revealed.

What Conditions Can the ZO Stimulator Peel Address?

The combination of acidic ingredients in the ZO Stimulator Peel makes this a great treatment for many skin conditions. Salicylic acid targets oily, acne-prone skin, and citric acid creates a vibrant, glowing tone. Together, this acid combination creates Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA) which effectively target the following skin conditions:

  • Age spots and sunspots
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Uneven or dull skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Enlarged pores

Who is a Good Candidate for the ZO Stimulator Peel?

The ZO Stimulator Peel is a mild chemical peel that is safe for all skin types. Anyone who wants glowing, dewy skin and a refreshed look is a great candidate for this treatment.

Results and Recovery After the ZO Stimulator Peel

Results are notable after one treatment, but you can achieve optimal results with a series of 3-4 treatments scheduled two weeks apart. After each treatment, you will see improvements in your skin health, less noticeable signs of skin aging, and a health glow. Since this is a mild peel solution, you will not have to deal with peeling and flaking skin that can happen after a stronger chemical peel.

ZO 3-Step Peel $300

The ZO 3-Step Peel offers solutions for a variety skin of concerns, including pigment problems, problems with skin texture, and poor complexion. After their facial peel, cosmetic patients experience fresh skin and a glowing appearance.

How does the ZO 3-Step Peel work?

The ZO 3-Step Peel uses a combination of a chemical peel and the application of a retinol applied in 3 steps to not only remove the outer layer of the epidermis, but to stimulate new skin production. Steps 1 and 2 are applied in the office by our certified esthetician. Patients apply the 3rd step at home the following day. By removing the top layers of skin, the ZO 3-Step Peel reveals new, softer skin beneath. This fresh skin minimizes the appearance of blemishes and fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Conditions Addressed by ZO 3-Step Peel

After the top layers of skin are removed, topical skin issues will begin to improve. Patients will notice improvements in the following skin conditions following their ZO 3-Step Peel treatment:

  • Mild acne scarring
  • Melasma
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Small wrinkles and fine lines
  • Rough patches of skin
  • The appearance of large pores

Results will vary depending on the strength of the peel and the areas it is applied. Patients can learn more about treatment, results, and options by asking our staff or visiting

Who is eligible?

ZO 3-Step Peel treatment accommodates facial skin of all textures and skin tones. It is important to note that every individual reacts differently to skin treatments. Talking to our staff allows patients to fully understand their possible results and outcome. Schedule your appointment with us today to begin your ZO 3-Step Peel journey!

Laser Genesis $200 or buy 3 get 1 free for $600

Xeo laser genesis helps reverse the signs of aging before they start by restoring your skin’s healthy appearance. This is a gentle procedure that requires no downtime.

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What does laser genesis do?

Xeo laser genesis stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process to improve overall skin quality, resulting in a radian, more youthful complexion. During the procedure, gentle micro-pulses of laser energy are sent to the skin to activate collagen remodeling to give your skin its smooth radiant complexion.

What Can Xeo Laser Genesis Treat?

  • Fine Lines
  • Facial Redness
  • Brown Spots
  • Scarring
  • Scars

What to expect after a Laser Genesis treatment?

You may notice a slight redness, which will resolve within a few hours. Apply sunscreen and makeup, and feel free to return to your normal daily activities.

How many treatments will you need?

For maximum results, you’ll want to follow a complete treatment series with full results seen in as few as four treatments.

Microneedling $300 a session or package of 3 for $900

Microneedling is one of the most popular skincare treatments available on the market for its transformative results and customizability. With a regular package of treatments, patients can enjoy rejuvenated skin and treatment for a variety of concerns.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling uses a principle called collagen induction therapy (CIT). It uses micro-needles to generate microscopic wounds in the skin and jumpstart the body’s natural wound-healing response. The result is a boost in collagen production over time, for healthier skin with a noticeable, youthful glow.

What Can Microneedling Treat?

Microneedling can be an effective option for skin concerns like:

  • Mild to moderate aging signs
  • Texture
  • Dryness
  • Oiliness
  • Sun damage
  • Visible pores
  • Pigmentation

Microneedling can be customized to patients’ unique needs with adjustable factors like depth, number of treatments, and incorporating active ingredients.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Microneedling?

Patients who can benefit most from microneedling are those looking for effective skin rejuvenation and a reduction in noticeable skin concerns. Microneedling can be incorporated as a regular professional-grade treatment in your skincare regimen, or it can be used as a deep treatment to aggressively rejuvenate aging signs. Patients can create a customized treatment plan with their aesthetician during a consultation and also discuss candidacy factors like certain skin conditions. Keep in mind that more severe aging signs may require surgical intervention for best results.

What Happens During Microneedling?

Microneedling can be performed at our comfortable office. It begins with cleansing the skin and administering a local anesthetic for comfort during treatment. Once ready, the aesthetician will apply a specialized handpiece fitted with micro-needles to stimulate collagen. Overall, this process can take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s unique treatment plan. Once complete, the skin is neutralized, and patients can return home.

Microneedling Results and Recovery

Immediately after treatment, patients can expect redness and sensitivity similar to a sunburn, which will subside within the next day or so. Our team will provide detailed instructions on caring for the treated skin with specific products to make sure the skin stays nourished and healthy. It’s important to wear sunscreen daily after treatment to prevent against sun damage. Patients can expect results to emerge over the course of the following weeks, with a noticeable change in the skin’s tone, appearance, and youthfulness. Patients can return for treatments monthly, depending on their unique needs and customized treatment plan.

Eye Lash & Brow tinting $45-$50

What are Brow and Lash Tints?

Brow and lash tints will give you an enhanced look without the need for brow pencil or mascara. You can skip the morning routine and enjoy tinted brows and dark eyelashes without the need for makeup. This will shorten your morning routine by about half the time! You can also add a lash lift or eyelash extensions to your tinting procedure for a more dramatic enhancement.