What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions give your eyes an extra pop and can enhance your overall appearance. The extensions you receive at Allegany Plastic Surgery are not like the false eyelashes you can find in a drugstore. The eyelash extensions we offer are made from premium synthetic material and can be customized for your desired eyelash length and thickness. They are also placed individually to create a more aesthetically pleasing look than strip lashes. Our esthetician Tori will make sure your new eyelashes complement your eyes and enhance your natural lashes.

Who is a Candidate for Eyelash Extensions?

Almost anyone who wants bolder eyelashes and/or brows without the need for makeup is a candidate for this treatment. People who have light-colored lashes and brows or thin eyebrows may find this treatment especially beneficial. The only people who would not be a candidate for brow tinting are those who have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the dye. If you are unsure, your esthetician can give you a small patch test before the tint is applied to the brow area.

What Can I Expect from Eyelash Extensions?

First, your lash stylist will determine the look you want for your eyelashes. Some clients want a natural-looking enhancement while others are hoping for a more dramatic, voluminous lash or one with significantly increased length. Three of the main styles for eyelash extensions are:

  • Classic Lashes: extensions look and feel like your natural lashes
  • Volume Lash Extensions: 2-6 lash extensions are applied to each natural eyelash for a full, dramatic look
  • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: A blend of classic and volume lashes to create more fullness

Once you decide on the style of your extensions, the lashes will be individually glued to your lash line using safe lash glue designed for your eyes. This process will take about 2-3 hours.

Eyelash Extensions Results

To care for your eyelash extensions, comb your lashes daily to prevent clumping, and use oil-free makeup removers and facial cleanser that is safe for your extension. Most clients schedule regular appointments for a lash fill, or maintenance appointment, every two weeks. We lose about 20% of our natural lashes in that time span but the 45-minute lash fill appointments will keep your lashes from looking sparse. Each eyelash extension will be blended into your natural lash for a flawless, beautiful look.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

The price of your eyelash extensions will vary based on the type of lashes you receive. On average, a fill set of eyelash extensions will cost $200-$475. You can also combine your last extensions with a lash lift for an even greater enhancement.

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If you want to enhance the appearance of your eyes with a beautiful frame of eyelashes, you should consider eyelash extension services with our esthetician and amazing lash tech Tori. Schedule your consultation today using our online contact form or give our office a call.