Brow and forehead lift in Cumberland Maryland

Cynosure Precision Tx Laser Contouring

in Cumberland, Hagerstown, Morgantown

Define your look without risk, recovery, or regret. PrecisionTx Laser Treatment gives you a defined look without a surgical facelift.

Forget a facelift. Forget painful recovery. Forget swelling, bruising, cumbersome bandages. Now you can enhance your look and recall your youth in a single trip to the doctor’s office.

PrecisionTx is an innovative technology available to select physicians nationwide, and Allegany Plastic Surgery is happy to announce that Dr. Carpenter has added PrecisionTx to his practice! PrecisionTx is a treatment that takes laser energy right beneath your skin to stimulate collagen production, improving skin elasticity, thickness, and texture.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and involves thermally-secure laser energy, which is applied to the treatment area in the dermis. The treatment takes approximately one hour, but requires no maintenance—instead, it is a one-hour, one-time treatment that provides lasting results.