Can You Speed up Your Recovery After Plastic Surgery?

Can You Speed up Your Recovery After Plastic Surgery?

If you’ve been brave enough to go under the knife and have gone through a plastic surgery successfully, there are certain things you need to know that may help your recovery. It is important to understand that all plastic surgery procedures that involve incisions require downtime to allow your body to heal and for your results to take shape. Here are six tips that will help you speed up your recovery after plastic surgery.

1: Get Plenty of Rest

Get enough rest, even if it seems like it’s taking longer than you expected. We can provide basic guidelines for how long it takes to recover from various procedures, but everyone heals at a different pace, and every surgery is different. Don’t be frustrated if your recovery is taking longer than expected, and sleep when your body tells you it’s tired.

2: Follow Your Doctor’s Aftercare Guidelines

After your doctor performs your surgery, they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to help yourself heal correctly. You should stay in touch with your doctor and follow their aftercare guidelines in the days and weeks following your procedure. If your doctor says you need to take something or perform a certain action, it’s not time to question them.

3: Take Prescription Medication As Directed

Sometimes, prescription medication can be extremely helpful in speeding up your recovery and helping you feel back to normal. If you have any prescription medication after your surgery, talk to your doctor about how to take it and how often. They’ll be able to tell you about your dosage and how to take it correctly as well as any side effects from taking it.

4: Eat Healthy and Drink Enough Water

When you’re on the road to recovery after surgery, it’s important to eat healthily and drink lots of water. Eating balanced meals loaded with healthy fats and proteins to give your body the energy and resources it needs to protect your immune system and heal damaged tissues. Staying hydrated is also very important, as water is vital to good circulation, which is a critical factor to healing quickly.

5: Set up a Reminder For Your Follow-up Visit

It’s important to come in for your follow-up appointment on time so any stitches, bandages, or drains can be removed and your doctor can check on your progress. If you have trouble remembering appointments and meetings, make sure to set a reminder at least an hour in advance of the appointment so you won’t miss it and mess up your recovery plan.

When it comes time for your post-surgery recovery, it’s common for people to forget about their appointments. This can lead to decreased healing and slow recovery. Therefore, ensure that you have a reminder set up so you have no chance to forget.

All You Need To Know About Recovery

All we can offer you online is general advice on how to speed your recovery and take care of your body following surgery, but this is nothing compared to the specific and expert advice of Dr. Robert Carpenter, board-certified plastic surgeon. If you’re interested in any type of plastic surgery procedure in Allegany, from facelift to tummy tuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Carpenter today.

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