Can Breast Implants Lift My Breasts?

Can Breast Implants Lift My Breasts?

The most popular cosmetic procedure is breast augmentation. While breast augmentation is an effective and safe procedure for breast contouring, there are a lot of misconceptions about it out there. One common misconception circulating about breast augmentation is that having breast implants alone will fill out a flat breast and lift it. Dr. Robert Carpenter, who is an experienced plastic surgeon, addresses this misconception. Dr. Carpenter is a trusted doctor at Allegany Plastic Surgery, and he has been in operation since 1995, making him highly skilled.

What do breast implants accomplish?

Silicone and saline implants are developed to add volume and shape to sagging breasts. If you have flat or small, breast implants will make them appear rounder and fuller. In some cases, breasts implants can fill up small amounts of loose skin on your breast. This, however, does not apply to every breast and is not always the case.

Breast implants do not in any way reposition or lift breast skin or tissue. If you have extreme skin laxity where the breasts have sagged significantly, breast implants will not fill it out. If you have sagging skin, getting implants may accentuate the sagging. Getting implants also does not elevate the level of your nipples.

What do you need? Breast augmentation or breast lift?

It is hard for Dr. Carpenter to determine whether you need a breast lift or a breast augmentation without a consultation. You need to schedule a consultation at Allegany Plastic Surgery for a thorough examination and evaluation of your breasts. During the appointment, Dr. Carpenter will examine your breasts and take note of factors like the number of breast tissue, amount of excess skin, and the distance between the breast fold and nipple. He will then proceed to ask you a few questions to comprehend your cosmetic expectations and what you want to achieve from surgery.

This is essential because not all women have the same concern when it comes to their breasts. Some females are worried about the position of their breasts while some are more concerned about the size and shape. During the consultation, we will be able to understand your area of concern based on the information you provide. From the information you provide, Dr. Carpenter will create a surgical plan that targets your area of concerns and caters to your needs.

The plan that he creates may include breast lift techniques, breast implants, or both procedures. If you are looking for fuller, bigger breast, a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation is the best option for you. Getting both procedures also helps to reposition and elevate your nipple. Here at Allegany Plastic Surgery, we recommend getting both procedures done because it has added benefits. It not only requires a single operation but facility fees, recovery period, and round of anesthesia.

However, some women prefer having breast implants placed first, and then the breast lift performed later after the recovery period. This helps them determine whether, after breast augmentation, they require additional surgery to lift the breasts. If not, they disregard a breast lift and live happily with their breast implants.

Schedule an appointment Dr. Carpenter

Whether you are unsatisfied with your breast appearance or would like to do something to change their appearance, you can contact Dr. Robert Carpenter today. Dr. Carpenter will provide you with more information on your surgical options.

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