breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Hagerstown maryland

Breast Reconstruction

in Cumberland, Hagerstown, Morgantown

cumberland breast reconstruction patient

The decision for breast reconstruction can be a complex and almost overwhelming decision for many women. This is a very trying period, and patients need as much education as possible, while at the same time undergoing the emotional stress of the cancer diagnosis. Many patients are seeking general information on reconstruction, even before making a decision for mastectomy vs. breast sparing surgery.

Scheduling a Breast Reconstruction Consultation

Most of my breast reconstruction consults are between 45 minutes and an hour to help patients sift through all the options and data to make a decision that is right for them. Is reconstruction best done immediately at the time of mastectomy, or on a delayed basis later? Is using your body’s only tissues better, or is some combination of your body’s own tissues and implants, or expanders a better option? Is surgery required on the other breast? All of these considerations are important and are discussed. Each case is tailored to the specific desires of each patient. Patients in the Cumberland, Hagerstown, and Morgantown areas can be assured of intensive patient care.

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