“Breast lift” is for women who don’t necessarily want an increase in the size of their breasts, but would like to restore a more youthful “perkiness.” A breast lift also restores the nipple to a more forward pointing position on the breast if it is sagging downward. A breast lift can be used to correct asymmetry of the position of the nipple or position of the breast on the chest wall.

A breast lift is characterized by an elevation of the breast skin and a tightening of the skin to lift the breast and reposition the nipple in a higher position. Breast lifts are frequently combined with breast augmentations to restore fullness and perkiness at the same time.

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Mastopexy Incision Options

A breast lift incision may be circumareolar (just around the areola), vertical, or in an inverted “T,” similar to a breast reduction incision. The type of incision generally depends on the amount of lift required and the compliance (or stretchiness) of the skin. Patients in the Cumberland, Hagerstown, and Morgantown areas can opt for a breast lift at our area facility.