4 Reasons You May Benefit from a Breast Reduction

4 Reasons You May Benefit from a Breast Reduction

It’s likely that you know someone who has undergone a surgical breast reduction, because it is one of the most popular breast procedures. Here are some signs and symptoms that your body may be telling you that you are a candidate for breast reduction.

You Have Back or Neck Pain

This is one of the most common things that breast reduction patients talk about when consulting about their procedure. Overly-large breasts can be very heavy and put stress on important areas of the spine and torso muscles. Because the body needs to correct its posture and compensate for the weight of the breasts, the spine and neck can become strained over the course of a lifetime. Although this can have many different causes, don’t rule out that it may be your large breasts causing you pain.

You Experience Rashes or Excessive Sweating

Large breasts can tend to extend far below the inframammary fold because of their size and weight, and this can cause many problems. The foremost one is that this constant skin-on-skin contact can cause sweat to build up, resulting in rash or irritation, especially when wearing certain types of bras. Bra straps can also be responsible for irritation or chafing at the shoulders, where much of the support falls.

You Struggle to Find Fitting Clothes

One easy indicator is that most clothing sizes don’t accommodate overly-large breasts, and you may struggle to find enough room for your bust when looking at shirts or dresses. Bra sizes may also be too small, leading you to look for specialty brands or stores. Unfortunately, this can become costly compared to more mainstream sizes.

You’re Physically Limited

Many women with overly-large breasts find at some point that they are unable to play certain sports or perform certain workouts because even a sports bra doesn’t prevent discomfort or pain from excessive movement. Even mundane activities can cause this, like going up the stairs or lifting. This can obviously have a negative impact on your long-term health and shouldn’t be discounted!

If you feel that you’re experiencing one or more of these factors, you should speak with a board certified plastic surgeon about how you can improve your quality of life with a breast reduction. Contact Allegany Plastic Surgery to meet with Dr. Carpenter who can discuss your options and create your unique treatment plan.

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