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Robert J. Carpenter, MD

Robert J. Carpenter, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

"I’m not a surgical salesman. I really enjoy helping people. I’m broadly trained in all aspects of Plastic Surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive, so there’s a lot I can do to help!"

We believe that excellence in Plastic Surgery derives from both education and experience. Dr. Carpenter completed his Plastic Surgery residency at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, ranked the #1 Hospital in the world for 22 of the last 28 years*. He has been in practice since 1995, performing surgery on tens of thousands of patients. In addition to his vast clinical experience, Dr. Carpenter meets or exceeds yearly requirements for ongoing medical education and has lectured on topics ranging from Cleft Lip repair to Breast reconstruction and Facelift. As a practice that constantly learns about developed techniques, equipment and and standards, we deliver you safer procedures with better results.
*(US News and World Report).

Patient of the Month

This 38-year-old mother came to Dr. Carpenter unhappy with the appearance of her abdomen. She had had previous abdominal surgery and was wondering what could be done to improve her belly button, excess skin, and release painful adhesions associated with the scar. She underwent an abdominoplasty, and Dr. Carpenter removed excess skin, tightened the abdomen, and improved her belly button. She loves her results and even said that she is comfortable wearing a crop top!

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At Allegany Plastic Surgery, we strive to exceed patient expectations in both cosmetic and reconstructive endeavors. In order to maximize safety, comfort, and – of course – results, we take time to understand each patient’s specific aesthetic and/or reconstructive needs.

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“Dr. Carpenter is AMAZING!!! He knows what he is doing and he listens to all of your concerns. I am only 6 hours out and I can clearly see a difference! I cannot say enough wonderful things about him, I highly recommend him!!!”

“Dr. Carpenter made life altering changes for me. I’m thankful for him everyday. He has been a blessing in my life. Very caring, trusting, and genuine.”

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